TaxCloud or Manual?

When you have a shopping cart online, you must collect and report and pay the correct sales tax rates. But the question is, how will your website know the right amount to charge when there’s thousands of different tax rates? Each state may have over 100 counties with different sales tax rates per county and there are currently 25 states that require you to charge sales tax when selling to people in their state!

Here’s a simple comparison chart to help you decide between (which does it all for you… for free) or to do it yourself!

Your website will charge the customer the correct sales tax rate based on their location.
Your website will automatically update every time there’s a change in any of those hundreds of counties.
You won’t have to file monthly or quarterly reports with the tax entities at all of the states you sold to.
You won’t have to send monthly or quarterly payments to all of the states you sold to.
You will have support with any state-issued notices or audit inquiries.
There is no additional cost to you once it’s all set up.
$50 per year
Setup cost to have Envisioned Websites do the set up for you.
With TaxCloud, you need to set up the initial account and do some of the account connections but they have some very good people to help you through it! We recommend them because it’s so hands-free for you, and we both know you have ENOUGH to do already!
$75 $75

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us if you have
any questions about hosting (or any of our services for that matter).


Setting up a PayPal API for WooCommerce

Log into PayPal, then…

You can click Account Access or just search for “API” in the search box…

To get to the API credentials in the image above, you will need to go into your website and find Woocommerce on your dashboard. Click on Settings.

Then click on Payments in the Woocommerce Settings.

Next, across from Paypal choice, click on the button to enable and then on Manage.

This is where you will need to add your Paypal email, Receiver email and at the bottom, enter your API information from Paypal.



















Setting Your Stripe API Keys

Login to your Stripe account once it’s been fully activated.


Paste those into the two fields in your Stripe settings in WP Job Board or WooCommerce, depending on which of those you’re setting up now.


Make sure you save the “Secret Key” somewhere separate like in a word doc or something because you only get ONE chance to copy it. After this, it is not possible to reveal it again, you would have to reset it which means you’d have to resend the new key to us or reset your connection to the shop or program you’re using this key with.