Q: What’s hosting, domain name, and content?

A: Hosting is like the stamp on an envelope, the domain name is like the address on the envelope and the letter inside is the actual website. All websites need to have the content which is the website itself, a domain name which is the address of that website or the address on the envelope as it were, and of course the stamp or the hosting to make it all work.

Q: How do I edit my website?

A: If it’s a static site (old HTML code) then you need to have a webmaster or web expert probably edit it for you unless you know how to do this yourself. Or you can use an editing system that allows you to go into your website via the Internet and insert pictures and photos, links, create pages and forms, and other website editing features and functions to manage your site.

Q: What kinds of features come with the website?

A: There are many different features that come with websites depending on what the customer or client’s preferences are. There are things such as blog modules were the client or customer can write interactive blogs with his or her customers,  CHAT Features where the customer can interact with his prospects online, Featured Content Slider’s where the customer can advertise with the Image slides or pictures that click through to certain pages. There are many others, it just really just depends on the customer’s preference.

Q: What if I don’t have a logo?

A: Logo designs and logos are very important for your business and you’re company branding. With that said, we need to design a logo for you if you don’t already have one. Ask your Sales Person about a Logo Design.

Q: Is there anything I can’t put on a website with Envisioned Websites?

A: We only allow “family friendly” material on websites created, editor or hosted by Envisioned Websites, its contractors or affiliates. Therefore websites that contain or promote hate speech, nudity, profanity, immorality or any other stuff that you couldn’t tell a 5 year old without blushing; we don’t allow. We know there are lots of websites out there that have that and for them, hey! whatever. But there are alot of other website services you can find who don’t care what goes on their server of before their eyes… we do. We prefer small business websites, ecommerce sites, Christian church sites, Auto repair, Plumbing, Contractors, Painters, Realtors; you get the picture.

Q: What is hosting and why do I need it?

A: If you were to compare hosting to traditional Mail from the US postal system you would find that the hosting is actually the stamp that makes the envelope travel to its destination. Without the stamp you cannot send your mail, similarly without hosting you cannot publish your website. All websites and all web pages need to be hosted.

Q: Am I going to get rich instantly once I get a website?

A: Well if you do… please let us know your secret as we would LOVE to know! Of course just like anything it takes a little bit of work to get your results from your website. The main thing to understand is; that you can have the most incredible-looking website in the world but if nobody knows where it’s at, it doesn’t do you any good.  It’s quite similar to the metaphor of setting up a grocery store in the middle of the desert with nothing around it. So this might be the best-looking grocery store with all the very best products and best prices, but if it’s in the middle of a barren desert and there’s no traffic, it gets no business. So keep in mind that the website is only one component of the marketing strategy,  promotion of the website, and getting traffic to the website is equally if not more important.

Q: What if I sell products?

A: Great that’s not a problem as long as it’s not illegal in nature or material. We do not advocate any kind of gambling, adult content, or anything illegal in nature of sales or promotion on ours server. If you do have a product however and you’d like to sell it we have several options for you to choose from including a real simple shopping cart module that goes right along with your PayPal account.

Q: What if I am not tech savvy? I don’t know the first thing about computers.

A: No problem. First of all don’t be ashamed, the technology and computer generation is something that is recent in modern history and has exploded over the past decade so lots of people are in your shoes. Although we do recommend that you have somewhat of familiarity with your computer and with what to do, especially with programs things like Microsoft Word which is really similar to the editor in our CMS editing system, we do have video tutorials that review every step in how to edit your website.

Q: What if I already have a website?

A: Great just ask yourself these questions:

   1. How is it working out for you?
   2. Is it fully editable online?
   3. Does it look like the ones we’re offering.

   If you answered No to any one of those you may want to reconsider.

Q: What if I don’t like the color of the website?

A: No problem we can change it. Sometimes we charge to do this and sometimes it’s so fast and easy that we won’t need to. If we do charge it would end up being between $10 and $65 (depending on the complexity of the theme).

Q: My old webmaster disappeared can you help me?

A: More than likely we can but you may have to get a new domain name, give us a call for a free consultation.

Q: I keep getting quotes for $3,000+ for WordPress websites, but yours are a 1/3 the price; Why?

A: WordPress is a website platform, it has no theme or function; like the chassis of a car. As with a car chassis you need to add the suspension, motor, seats, body, and color of paint to get a functional car; WordPress is much the same. Each plugin or part of the website has to be purchased or “licensed” to function on the platform. This is why so many website services have WordPress websites starting at $3000+. The costs of plugins to make a great-looking and functional site gets pricey when you start adding functionality.

Q: Why do you not allow Plugin, Theme or FTP access?

A: Reason 1: Licensing
We use both licensed software and proprietary software running on all of our websites to enhance WordPress. Some of these licenses require limited access to the administrator of the website and some require they only run on the servers they’re licensed to (our servers). We could be legally liable for distributing software if we were to provide access to the plugins area or to FTP because, through such access, one could download a complete copy of the plugin/software.

Reason 2: Security
WordPress is an open-source platform, and as such; has developers from all over the world creating plug-ins and programs for use with your WordPress system. While this is a major advantage of WordPress, making it infinitely expandable; it also places you at significant risk. Hackers, posing as developers, regularly provide free, attractive plugins that are commonly downloaded that contain viruses, tracking software, data harvesters, back-door access to the server and more. They use this to steal passwords, customer data or worse; expose your visitors to potential security breaches as well. All this is done very cleverly and behind the scenes. This is a paramount reason why we do not allow Plugin access or FTP access. This is one of the most common methods hackers use to gain access to a website and servers. Furthermore, as we maintain all our own servers, each website is sharing a server so any corrupt access could potentially be used to do the same for other websites on that server.

Reason 3: Ability to Maintain Support
Just like Apple and Android devices that have dozens or hundreds of different programs that do the same thing, WordPress is much the same. Just like those programs all edit differently, plugins are much the same. In order for us to provide premium support, we often use plugins that we are either familiar with or know the developer and how he/she sets them up. With the extensive number of plugins that work so differently from each other, it would be very difficult to offer you support for plugins we are not familiar with. This, coupled with the security concerns; is why we often research plugins on behalf of our customers. We will search for the safest plugins with the best customer interface and provide you with those options. NOTE: WordPress was created BY developers FOR developers. Most plugins do not have a “customer-friendly” experience, which is why finding a safe one that provides quality support; sometimes is a task in itself.

Reason 4: Compatibility
Because most plugins on a website are made using elements and subprograms from different developers, they are not always compatible. Often when installing a new plugin or update it can easily break other plugins on the website, be incompatible with the theme, be incompatible with your version of WordPress or any custom css that was created for the site functionality or appearance. Additionally are the changes that continue to be released by Google, Firefox, Safari, and other browser developers that must be managed for compatibility. Fixing these compatibility issues might take 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on the program and factors. As we are held responsible for the function of the site we must have control over what plugin is used to help keep the website running smooth and safe for our customers as well as your visitors.

Are you a marketing agency?

We are a web development company however, we do offer online marketing services such as Google Ad Services, Social Media Marketing, Organic Page Boosters, and more. Because of the diverse experience here we have several staffers with extensive marketing backgrounds that may offer recommendations on request as a courtesy. If your company is in the position where you need to use a marketing agency, awesome! We work very well with marketing agencies allowing them to do what they do best, while we focus on what we do best!

Q: What is an FAQ?
A: An FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.
We’ve compiled this list from a wide range of places. Some came from client inquiries, emails, and calls, but most of them came from experience in providing a free advice service to our clients. If a new business (or old one for that matter) calls in and needs advice on their business marketing or an advertising-related decision, we offer free advice with no strings attached. (we expect no business from you in return) The way we see it, we have been blessed with the knowledge, technology and experience for the sole purpose of helping others in any way we can. This is the true meaning of “service”.

So if you have a marketing decision to make and you’re not confident in your own experience, yet you have absolutely no intention of buying anything from us, give us a call and ask anyway.        It’s truly free.

Q: I can get the same thing for $200 from ________.
A: Actually it’s not the same. “Freebie” and “Dirt Cheap” web designers only do half to a third of the job required in setting up a REAL website. This means they’re sacrificing important “hidden” steps that you cannot see in order to get the price down that low. Think about it, if you could buy a car for your daughter to go to college and back, would you get her the cheapest, ugliest, most ineffective and unsafe thing you could buy her just to save a few bucks? Or would you try to get her the best thing the amount of money you have could buy her because she’s important to you and her having a future is important to you? You’d pick the best you could get, not the cheapest. You should do the same for your business, the future of your business depends on it.

There’s been so many situations where we’ve rebuilt a website for someone that spent that $200 at one of those cut-rate web design shops and realized the fact that they made the wrong choice. The worst part isn’t even the loss of the money, but they also lost the time and time is valuable in business.

Q: Will it be cheaper if I buy a template and give that to you to start with?
A: Not if you want to be able to add unlimited pages and content throughout the website using our powerful and easy to use website editor. And also not if you want to save money. By the time we modify the code in that one size fits all template to actually work the way you want it to, you’ll have paid around $250 MORE than if you just start with one of our design templates, or started from scratch. Mainly because those templates have been stripped of anything and everything except the design. They are developed to use as a jumping off point for experienced website designers and actually require more work than anyone even realizes until they get them unpacked and installed.
Q: How much will it cost?
A: The easy answer to this is what is your current budget? We have different packages for different stages of business. Some companies have $500 to work with, some have $1500 and some have $5000. Building a website is like building a car, it doesn’t take much money to get a car that will get you from point A to point B, but it does take does cost some good money to build a car that will win you races!

So if all you need is a transportation car, $500 will get that done for you. If you need a racecar, you’re going to need to spend a little more, because the competition isn’t spending $500.

Q: What is Hosting and do I really need it?
A:  Every website you see on the internet is hosted somewhere. Hosting is simply where a website is stored on a computer called a “Web Server”. A web server is always on and always connected to the internet via extremely high speed connections (not just a DSL connection). Servers also require failsafe systems for both their internet connectivity and their power source to ensure consistent up time. Experienced maintenance is also needed to keep the server running smoothly and quickly. In addition to the storage is an operating system that runs all the needed scripts and additional programs that are constantly running to make the website function in many different ways.
Q: What kind of payment do you accept?
A: Cash, Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks, Online Payments, Paypal, VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Checks (as long as they’re not made of rubber.


Q: What if I don’t really know what I want?
A: You are not alone. Many people come to us with a skill or talent to produce a quality product or provide outstanding service, yet they have absolutely no design abilities or creativity, and they openly (humbly) admit it. Great! because I can’t replace my radiator on my car either. We all do our parts to make the world go round’. Our Part is to make your business look good!
Q: How do I provide high-resolution photographs legally?
A: Great question! We obviously need really good photos if we’re going to impress our customers, right? well, you can’t exactly go searching the net for a photo, for two reasons:
1. You could be sued for making a profit off of someone else’s work.
2. You usually won’t find a good quality image worth using on the net.
The solution: https://stock.adobe.com or https://storyblocks.com or https://pixabay.com !
They are really reasonably priced and they have a huge selection.


Q: How do specials work?
A: In this business (as you probably already know) a good business person should always analyze the statistics and then adjust by offering specials to balance the different departments. This is why we will have unique specials from time to time that will seem surprisingly low. We also have introductory offers to gain new accounts. These are a loss for us in the beginning but we see the value in future because we are all about relationships. We know you’ll be back for more, because we’re that confident in our quality and speed!
Q: How will I know if my colors will print accurately on business cards, signs ?
A: We utilize color matching systems as well as micro-adjustments to make sure the colors you get are the colors you want. We can modify any artwork we create to meet the expectation of your printer or sign company. The standards used in the printing industry ensure accuracy.  
Q: What if I need a job done really fast?
A: Well, we specialize in speed! We’ve been known to crank a job out in less than an hour! Unfortunately, we would have to set aside other clients’ work and possibly even work our employees’ overtime. Anything can be done, it’s just going to cost a little bit more.
Q: What if I need a special price or if I need you to price match?
A: We can’t always do special pricing but from time to time, we can definitely help you by doing a one-time special price for a particular project.
Q: How do I know if I’m going to like the design or even the finished product?
A: Clients are never surprised with the final product because we always produce an online proof and an exact rendering of what it will look like which the client signs off on before anything goes to live (or goes to print).